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Career Highlights


QLD Government Covid19 

Ergon Energy


Act for Kids

Tasmanian Walking Company

Legislative Council (annual from 2010)

Federal Group




"Skyla" Space Chickens in Space  9Go!

"Reinslug" Fanshaw & Crudnut  9Go!

"Pixel Punkie" (+ various) Pixel Pinkie 9Go!

Corporate Narration

Goodstart Little Elves

Melbourne Water

Marine Parks DPIWE

Premier Travel Tasmania

10 Top Spots - Tasmania

Australian War Memorial

Apps & Podcasts

Dan Murphy App

Tourism Tas

Audiobook Narration

Beeb - Penny Carey Wells

With 20 years experience in commercial, corporate, narration and character voice animation, Astrid is a mercurial, adaptable and reliable voice artist. When I say versatile, I mean versatile - she has voiced a green 3-legged alien and the Covid 19 government ads. She doesn't have tourettes, but you'd be forgiven for thinking she might the way she peppers her everyday speech with character voices.