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Art in the time of Quarantine

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Nothing new here folks - with Covid19, a large chunk of my work has vaporised as quickly as my self esteem does when I accidentally open my selfie camera with the phone in my lap.

Artists and performance artists have lost work all over the world. From scratching out a living by juggling lots of different jobs, to nothing. In a week. Holy shit-balls.

This week I was granted a silver lining. I was fortunate to land a gig this week for the QLD government, recording their Covid 19 information ads. Big thanks to the wonderful team at The Voice Plant for throwing the work to me. Lets hope there's more to come... (not obviously more virus, just more work).

So what to do in lockdown? I've been thinking about all my colleagues who are trying to navigate the horrors of Centrelink and terrified for my buddies from overseas (particularly NZ) who don't qualify for financial support.

I've been writing a lockdown travel blog with my mum

And mostly, baking, planning to exercise, putting on weight and thinking I should probably get a puppy...

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