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As a female comedian with a conscious dedication to good taste, Astrid can be relied upon to present high quality, engaging entertainment and has experience as a speaker in a variety of events.  She's also an adaptable, fun and very readable copywriter.

Astrid is a masterclass presenter for the BOFA film festival. She is speaking with Clayton Jacobson & Damien Power talking about making Short Films.


  • Masterclass presenter - BOFA Film Festival (2016) alongside Clayton Jacobson (Kenny) and Damien Power (Killing Ground).

  • Industry Live  - Presenter for Beacon Foundation 2020 (alongside Luke McGregor, Nathan Kannegeiser & Derek Hall)

  • Speaker 2012 Winner - What is Beauty?- my speech on beauty, the importance of positive self image as a gift to our children, and my journey towards that goal was the winner of the Inaugural Artistic event. 

  • Tutor 2017 The Warehouse Workshop  (adults and teens)

  • Tutor 2018 private tutor for screen test and acting skills, Brisbane

  • NATSIPA speaker

  • Bookend Trust conference speaker

  • She Goes Eco presenter 2018 - 2019

  • Kid-I-Am MC 2019

Travel in the the time of


The Lockdown, anti-travel, stay home/stay safe, travel guide.

Your perfect Covid19 brain-cation.

Covid19 has the world in lockdown.

Borders are closed.

Planes are grounded.

Windows are shut & doors are locked.

Bra's are off.

Trackie dacks are on.

My brain is in Covid-overload.


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