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Often described at mercurial, Astrid's adaptability and love of creating characters makes her an asset to any cast. She'll happily try new angles and easily takes direction.  She's committed, focussed and adaptable. While she is most at home as a female comic actress, she's regularly cast in more serious dramatic roles in TV series.

"You'll be enthralled with Cooper's acting chops....It's a wonderful performance by the actress" Diabolique Magazine (June 2017)

"The Acting awards go to Astrid Wells Cooper" Stage Whispers (March 2014).

"I just wanted to let you know that your classes were absolutely amazing and I am truely grateful that I was able to work with you and gain some of your knowledge." Bridgette Armstrong - actress (2018)




2022 Deadloch "Clare Connelly" - Amazon

2022 In Our Blood "Sister Julia" - ABC

2021 Nine Perfect Strangers Mrs Connelly - Amazon Prime

2016 -2021 - Rosehaven "Dawn" ABC/ Sundance

2019 "Governors Aide" Reef Break (ABC USA)

2018 - 2019 "Skyla" Space Chickens in Space (9Go!)

2017 "Deputy Principal" Harrow (ABC/ Hoodlum)

2015 "Jean" The Kettering Incident (Foxtel)


2020 - Metropius pilot (Mo-Cap)

2018 "Skyla" Space Chickens in Space (Disney/ 9Go!)

2015 "Reinslug" Fanshaw & Crudnut (Blue Rocket/ 9Go1)

2012 "Pixel Punkie" Pixel Pinkie (Blue Rocket/ Channel 9)

2012 Various Female Voices Pixel Pinkie (Blue Rocket/ Channel 9)


2022 "Susan" Carnal Vessels  - Dir Angus Kirby

Short Film

2015 "Matron" Love Train

2015 "Amy" Amy

2014 "Tamsin" Watch Me

2014 "Mick" The Switch

2014 "Sarah" The Tikoloshe


2020 "Bob" A or B? Dionysus Theatre VIC

2020 "Emily" Stand & Deliver Dionysus Theatre VIC

2014 "Bob" A or B? (Dionysus Theatre)

1997 "The Lady" Baglady

1997 "Amanda Prynne" Private Lives

1996 "Cecily" The Importance of Being Ernest

1995 "Jo" A Taste of Honey


2021 Muval - Hero "Mum"

2019 Wattyl Paint - Hero


2020 - 2021 - Role play various

2020 - Telstra  - Customer hostility

2019 - Code Green - "Dr Green" (Hero)

2019 - Queensland Fire Service

2018 - Queensland Fire Service


2019 - Larry Moss Masterclass

2014 Di Drew Masterclass

1997 UTAS Bachelor of Performing Arts

1994 Oxford School of Drama

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